How to add the visual illusion of height to your space

We’ve all heard of the tips and tricks on how to make ourselves look the best we can look,  as in how to wear or not wear stripes, crop suit jackets, sporting different colors, etc. The same can be said about how to give a certain illusion to a room when decorating. On today’s blog post we are going to chat about how to give the visual illusion of height to any room.

The most obvious, but yet time consuming solution of adding visual height to a room is paint. The most popular among people is painting vertical stripes on your wall(s). Something not as popular, but just as engrossing is to paint a diagonal. Start near the baseboard and paint upwards at a diagonal. Also, painting the baseboards, walls and molding will give that seamless flow to your room.  But, my favorite tip is painting  your ceiling with a solid color or even using a fun pattern that will definitely draw the eye upward. I say have fun with this! Make the pattern interesting or make the color bold! If you aren’t a great painter, try adding wallpaper to the ceiling- so many awesome designs to choose from! Now some not so tedious tips to help elongate your space are adding mirrors, hanging your curtains higher, adding tall bookshelves to your room and hanging art that is big and tall.

What I would like to focus on doesn’t take much time, effort or thought- score! Listed below are some ideas I actually use in my home when wanting to add height with my décor. They make the texture and even color contrast in your space more visually appealing when adding them!

Using cakestands!

I’m a little obsessed when it comes to cake stands. You can obviously use them for the purpose they are intended for, but what fun is that!? I like to add florals, signs and mini pitchers on top of my stands. I own all different styles which I think it great. I have shabby chic, vintage, vibrant and colorful, and plain jane white just to name a few.


Speaking of pitchers..

I have a tall shelving space in my living room and I was stuck for the longest time on how to add height without having my main décor piece super bulky. I have an old pottery piece that is a pitcher that was passed down to my husband and myself and it works perfectly! I like adding branches or even floral picks to my taller jars and pitchers.


Using real or fake books

Books are a great and very inexpensive way to add height.  Lay them on their side and stack about three books then add the main piece of décor on top that you would like displayed. I enjoy displaying vintage books, but I’ve been some spaces that do this trick with bold, colorful books. You really can’t go wrong!

Tall plants

Using any type of tall plants or flowers (real or fake) are going to show not only the show illusion of height, but also bring in color and make it feel like you are bringing the outdoors inside. I love the idea of covering up dead spaces, usually corners, with potted trees or a tree in a decorative basket that sits on the floor. Remember, if it’s a type of plant that requires sunlight you are going to want to keep near your windows. Shown below isn’t a floor potted plant or tree, instead I keep this plant in a shiplap inspired, wooden box. It offers height and texture- I love it!



Layer, layer, layer! Layering pieces together look much better than have one single item just hanging out all by their lonesome. Layering (in this case, layering up)  not only makes the space feel taller, but it gives the eye something more alluring and charming to focus on.








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