Road trip to Waco!

Waco. Waco, Texas. When you hear these words now a days you probably think of Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines. Farmhouse. Magnolia. At least myself and everyone I’ve ever spoken to do. I had the chance to sneak off to Waco for 5 days with my husband and experience all things Magnolia and Waco. I felt like I was a child at Disneyland to be honest. An adult’s theme park is the best way I can describe my days in Waco, Texas (sans kiddos which was a plus!). We went to Waco for the Inaugural Silo District Marathon weekend. I’m going to split this blog post into two sections: This particular post will include where we stayed, ate, shopped and explored. And my part two post will include my thoughts on the Silo District Marathon. 🙂
I wanted to make a mini bucket list of things to do if you were to ever visit. Let me just say first off, if you are going to Waco just to see the Magnolia Silos, it won’t even take a full day. Maybe a few hours? So do yourself a favor and plan out your trip so you can do more things than just visit -the fabulous!- Magnolia Silos.

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My husband and I decided we wanted to make this duo trip into a road trip (yes, we might be crazy) so we got up at 4:45am the morning of and started to make our way down to Texas. Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas to be exact. We did the whole trip in one day! When we arrived Thursday evening we checked into our retreat and relaxed all evening. We stayed at the Gathering Oaks Retreat and if you are ever in Waco, I highly suggest staying here! It’s not a hotel or bed and breakfast, but a retreat. No one is on site, there are no vending machines, restaurants, staff, etc. Think of it as staying in a teeny, tiny house (that looks like Joanna herself decorated) and you supply your own groceries and items. There is a lock pad with a code to get past the gate onto the property and also another pad with a code to get into your space (everything we needed to know for our stay was emailed to us before we arrived). There is a small pool on the property, fire pit to roast marshmallows, outdoor games to play and places just to sit and relax. It was a perfect Texas spring night and we walked around under the glowing lights on the property. It was so peaceful! To make it more interesting, we were LITERALLY right across the road from Chip and Jo’s house! I could see cars coming and going from their driveway and the lights on. I felt like we were weekend neighbors. 😉 I highly recommend this charming place!
Gathering Oaks Retreat
I knew I wanted to eat at the Magnolia Table on the Friday morning we were there and I knew the line would be absolutely nuts. I heard from a fellow Instagram friend that her and her friends got there around 7:45am for breakfast and the wait time was hours long!! I thought since we would get up very early and it was also raining this particular Friday morning, surely there wouldn’t be a line, right? Wrong. Magnolia Table opens at 6:00am and we got there around 5:45am. There was a line! Not too bad though, because we were seated pretty quickly. The restaurant is gorgeous (even the bathrooms), the atmosphere was relaxing and the food was not only delicious, but inexpensive I thought. The staff was friendly and they all had smiles (considering how early it was!).  I urge you to try the strawberry butter there! So yummy!
 Magnolia Table
Other places we also ate while visiting were George’s, Vitek’s, the food trucks at Magnolia and the popular Moroso’s Wood Fired Pizzeria.  Moroso’s is Italian cuisine at it’s best! I was told he imports his tomatoes and flours from Italy! It was so yummy! We visited the Waco Hippodrome which is a stunning historic building in downtown Waco. We didn’t eat there, but I have heard awesome things about their brunch and dining experience.


Silos Baking Co.


Places to shop till you drop
Ok, do I even need to mention the amazingness that was shopping at Magnolia??! They styled everything so pretty and it took every ounce of me not to buy the whole stinkin’ store.
We also checked out other shops while we were in town, but my other top three are:
-The Findery- So much wonderful, vintage home decor pieces! I was very impressed! They also have their Marketplace next door to them so don’t forget to check that out as well!
-Spice Village– Such an adorable place made up with different booths and vendors.
Harp Design Co– Lots of quality, handmade pieces made by them! Loved this little shop!
The Findery (part of it!)
Behind The Findery
Heading up to Spice Village
 Harp Design Co.
Where we explored
Besides experiencing all that is Magnolia and the property, we also ventured to other places like the Waco suspension bridge, walking around downtown Waco and we drove past Jo’s very first Magnolia store:  Her little shop on Bosque. It was so inspiring to see how far she has come from that tiny store to now! We also toured the Dr Pepper Museum. Which I surprisingly thought was kind of interesting! We had someone in line ahead of us pay it forward so our admission was free!
By the Hippodrome
Dr Pepper Museum near the Silos
Waco Suspension Bridge (ran across this during my race!)
Taking it all in at Magnolia!
So there you have it! My super mini break down of our time spent in Waco. Hope this helps you when planning your future trip!
*Please read my part two on Waco about my thoughts on the #SiloDistrictMarathon!
xo, Nicole

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