Teacher Appreciation

My oldest son had THE BEST second grade teacher this past school year. I was blown away how- dare I say perfect?- she was as a teacher. I never missed an opportunity to spoil her with holiday and teacher appreciation gifts. She also had a class “wish list” of classroom items she needed and I loved gifting those to her throughout the year as well.


On the last day of school I wanted to show my appreciation even more on how she was so wonderful in my son’s life this year. I’ve seen the “box of sunshine” ideas floating all over Pinterest you can gift those who are feeling down and need a smile and extra encouragement.  I decided to make a “bowl of sunshine” for her many happy reasons! Mainly because it was the start of her summer break. 😉




A lot of these items were purchased at the Target’s Bulleye’s Playground for a few dollars. I knew she would like these! She can even use the bowl for popcorn and sprinkle those M&M’s in with it! 🙂




I added  little envelope with a card and something nice inside. 🙂




Look how bright and fun this looks! It just screams happiness when you look at it.



How do you thank your kids’ teachers throughout the year? They have such a hard job and are amazing!


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