Kids Super Hero Birthday Bash


Super heroes, unite!

My youngest son is obsessed with super heroes. He wears masks and capes to the park, grocery store, etc. He just turned the big FOUR and we got him a bigger boy bed, new super hero bedding and re-did his whole room in super hero decor. So it was an obvious choice for his birthday we do what else but super heroes! I just love this age!



We had his birthday party at our house and I wanted to keep the decor fun, but simple. My son asked for everyone to wear super hero costumes or tshirts to his party and our family/friends did not disappoint! It was really fun!




I wrapped some food boxes with table linens from the Dollar Tree and cut out the city with black felt. I also arranged the fruit platter to be Captain America’s shield.




So many sweets!







There’s a running theme to this post- Dollar Tree! I purchased all of the table cloths, streamers, balloons, raffia, poms, cutlery, etc from the DOLLAR TREE! There is NO reason to spend $4/$5 on a pack of balloons (that the kids will probably want to play with and possibly pop) when you can get the same thing for $1 at any dollar store.




Of course I’m a crafter so I have a huge stack of mason jars just waiting to be used at any moment in time 😉 I also printed and cut out all the super hero action words.




The black and yellow poms came SIX in a pack for $1 at where else? (Pop quiz!) The Dollar Tree.







We ate, played games, and of course Batman himself joined in on the fun! The kids thought it was so cool TDK paid a visit!

I have two boys and one girl so of course we had to dress up as the Incredibles!



For the Gotham City backdrop I did not have any large black paper to use, so I had to get resourceful. I had a left over plastic, black table cloth that got the job done!



Even our new pup dressed for the part, too!




The birthday boy and TDK fighting crime on the playset!




We also had an ice cream truck stop by with the loud ‘ice cream truck music’! Once the kids heard it they went hollering and running to get their treats. It was such a fun party and I think my little guy won’t forget it. 🙂






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