Hello friends! I’m Nicole and I’m a married mama to three spunky, high energy kiddos. They are 3, 4 and 7 years old- let that sink in. Now you know how tired I am all the time.  We have two furbabies to add to our chaos, but we are lovin’ it. We reside in the Midwest and have been living in our 1980’s fixer upper for two years. We are always working on projects and seem to have more than one going on at any given moment, but hey that’s how we roll! If you know me you’ll know I consume too much coffee, tell horrible jokes, live in yoga pants and always have paint on my hands.

I have always loved creating and playing with the newest craft toys and gadgets. I have passed that love on to my daughter, Q. Harper, who not only loves helping me in my craft room but inspired me to start “our” lil’ business 🙂

What you will find on my site are blog posts that show my work, what I’ve been up to and tips & tricks to help you along in your crafting journey (whether it be for business or a hobby!). You will also see fun projects my kids and I work on, house DIY’s, party planning and some lifestyle sprinkled in- we like to dig in, have fun and get our hands dirty!



*I’m a new contributor and team member to the Des Moines Moms Blog. Check our their website here to read some amazing content from some talented ladies!*



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