Chalk Couture



Let’s Talk Chalk!!

I have signed on to become a Chalk Couture Designer! Eeek! I’m soo pumped! Chalk Couture is the most versatile home decor ever created and has launched to the public as of July 1st, 2017. They offer quality porcelain magnetic chalkboards, their Chalkology chalk paste (not paint, but paste! Goes on wet, dries hard and only wipes off with water. No more dirty chalk hands!) and the most amazing thing: REUSABLE, SILKSCREEN transfers. No more weeding, cutting or transfer tape. You don’t need your Cricut or Silhouette or expensive vinyl you can only use ONCE. Guys, for those of you in the crafty world (and non-crafters, too) this is absolutely insane!

I was quietly and slowly prepping towards doing painting parties where I would design the vinyl stencil and have everyone together to paint. Buuut, I have come across this brand new product/company and I’m going to pivot my direction towards have my parties/ Make & Takes based this way for the most part.

I have loved playing with my chalk pastes and silkscreen transfers (reusable up to 20-50 times!!) and I want everyone to get a FEEL for this product in their own hands! I’m hosting a launch party next month (November 2017) and I would love for everyone in my area to come! I’m not in this to be sales-y or even have anyone make any purchase- come and play with the product and try it out! You can chalk on almost anything: Furniture, wood, fabric, glass, walls, metal and chalkboards just to name a few. When you are done using the transfer you just clean with water and wipe with a Clorox wipe then leave to air dry. So easy peasy!

I have been recently using chalk pastes on my signs and I’m loving the finished chalk look. The chalk pastes go on wet and dry hard within minutes. You can rub your hand over it and nothing will come off. Having it dry fast means you can string art over your designs, water color over the chalk paste, layer pastes with differ pastes/transfers, add glitter etc – it’s so cool! The chalk isn’t going anywhere until YOU (not your kids’ fast little hands that like to wipe away anything chalk!) spray/wipe it off with water. Then change out your design to something else. No more messy chalk hands! The Chalk Couture chalk paste can go on almost any surface- guys this stuff is so stinking amazing!

And YES, in case you’re wondering the designs are commercially licensed- this means you can create your own home decor pieces and sell them on your Etsy, etc site and the profits are yours! You can make this business however you wish: If you want to just make signs to sell on Etsy or even at craft fairs/vendor events, great! If you want to host parties/Make and Takes only, that’s fine too. Maybe you want to actually focus on selling the products or all of the above, that’s awesome as well. You can make this into however you want your business to be. Or maybe you’re just a hobby crafter and like playing around with Chalk Couture!

I could go on and on about all things chalk. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. 🙂



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