Tie-dye shirts with kids

My kids have been wanting to tie-dye shirts for a long time, so when we sat down as a family to make our Summer Bucket List we put this down as a must do for this summer. I was always really nervous about tie-dying with small kids (messy!), but we picked up this Tulip brand tie-dye kit from Michaels Stores and it was beyond helpful!





In the kit you get gloves, rubber bands, tons of different colored dyes and a guide to show you all the different ways you can twist your shirts (with the provided rubber bands) to create different patterns on your shirt. Since we were doing this with a large group of  younger kids ,we all did a simple twist with our shirts. We started with a pinch in the middle and twisted the shirt from the middle going out.




The directions stated to fill water to the shown line and shake it well with the powder.




We had 10 kiddos making shirts! The adults twisted the shirts for them, but the kids went to town putting the dye all over the shirts. It did get a little messy, so I recommend doing this outside. But they had so much fun!




My youngest having a blast. 🙂





These are my kids’ final products! I love how they are all three so different! They are so proud of their shirts and beg to wear them all the time!




Have you tie-dyed anything other than shirts? I’d love to know!

xo, Nicole


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Tea Party Fun!

When my daughter had asked for months to have a tea party with her friends I thought, “Why not?!” Her and I are cut from the same cloth. We enjoy having friends over and we love to throw a fun party- big or small! So I text some of my girlfriends and told them to come and have their daughters wear their “fanciest” dresses. 😊



My daughter and son before the tea party play date

I decided in order to keep this play date/party on the inexpensive side, I was going to shop at the Dollar Tree, Target “Dollar Spot”, etc.  We purchased some of our doilies, table cloths, plates, napkins, eating utensils and so forth from Dollar Tree. Most of the decor was from Target Bullseye’s Playground and I ended up picking up a few odds and ends from Wal-Mart.

The food, however, was from our local grocery store Hy-Vee. I had planned for these adorable tea sandwiches in the shape of teapots (via cookie cutters), but I didn’t have enough bread the day of the party! Oops! It turned out to be ok because the kiddos snacked on vanilla + strawberry wafers, cheese cubes, strawberries, spring themed cupcakes and cookies. Instead of tea I served lemonade- which the kids still thought was awesome!




IMG_7620 (1)






After all our guests arrived we worked on our craft. We made “fancy” tea party hats for the occasion! I had prepped the hats the night before our friends came and it was super easy.

First, I laid the plastic bowl on top of the plate and traced around it a little larger than the bowl actually is. I then cut out that section of the plate and hot glued the plate and bowl together. Easy peasy!






The girls (and all the little brothers!) had so much fun making these.





After our craft the kids enjoyed the lemonade and food. I loved hearing everyone’s giggles! Once tea time was over the kids ran around played until it was time to leave. It was such a fun play date to host!






Let me know if you have ever hosted a tea party play date/birthday/occasion and what you served at yours!


IMG_7666 (1)

Favors for all the girls and little brothers 🙂