DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelves

We have this little corner in our kitchen and for the longest time it was bare.  Even though there wasn’t a single thing on the wall or a piece of furniture there, the space stuck out like a bare, sore thumb. I was trying to think how I could make the space practical, yet pretty as well.

My husband and I went to a local furniture store (Homemakers) and purchased a cute, little drink cart. We mainly use it as our coffee bar and it’s nice how we can keep our coffee makers (we have more than one) on it and off our counter tops.





I also needed to fill the dead space above the coffee bar so I decided shelves were the best way to go. We found these two reclaimed pieces of wood that were from an old church. They are gorgeous and I love the history behind them. We cleaned them up and decided to use them.




The hardware we used for this project were iron pipes, floor flanges and cap fittings (these are all for water applications, but make for an awesome shelf!).




First we found the studs in the wall and measured. My husband then drilled where the  flanges would be placed.




We next put the iron pipes in the flanges and then screwed on the cap fittings. Easy peasy! We put our cleaned up wood pieces on top and viola! We had instant shelves!




I love these shelves so much for two reasons: First, they are high enough up my kids can not reach them! They can’t touch, move or play with mommy’s “pretties” and that is amazing of itself. Also, I love how I can switch up my decor depending on what season or holiday it is. It’s only for two shelves so it’s not overwhelming to decorate at all.




Have you ever done a DIY shelving project? Let me know!